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The holiday season can create some of the best memories in life, especially for children. For families who are spending the holiday season separated for the first time, it can bring a significant amount of stress and fear for both the parents who are transitioning into the role of co-parents, as well as the children. […]

5 Ways To Create Emotional Boundaries

The key to any healthy relationship is creating emotional boundaries. It is a skill that many of us have yet to do as effectively as we would like. Sure, we pick up pieces here and there after seeing others skillfully manage boundaries, for most people this concept is as new as it is challenging. Here […]

Good news: Relationship Anxiety is Normal

Dr. Forshee gives insights to NBC News about why some experience relationship anxiety and how to manage it “consistent emotional instability, impaired judgement, impaired impulse control, difficulty focusing and paying attention to daily tasks, feeling lovesick and sad, and a decrease in motivation, loneliness and fatigue,” Read the full article here

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