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Appointment Options


In addition to office-based appointments at my Red Bank, New Jersey location, I offer the following options for your convenience: tele-therapy, telephone and concierge. Please read below for details regarding each of these options:

Your time is just as important as mine. I am sensitive to the fact that most people have busy and hectic schedules, or are in situations that make it difficult to travel to an office for an appointment. Providing alternate options to traditional office-based appointments can be helpful in many circumstances.

Being able to choose from different appointment options allows you to switch between office-based, tele-therapy, phone, or concierge appointments at your convenience. There are many situations where traditional office- based appointments may not be the best or most convenient option for you. With my hybrid practice we can be as creative as your situation requires. The following are some examples of situations where the hybrid practice model may be beneficial:

  • A professional who prefers appointments at their office, to ensure their work schedule is not inconvenienced
  • An adolescent who has behavioral issues whose parent or guardian has difficulty transporting them to an office
  • An individual who struggles with social anxiety or agoraphobia who has difficulty leaving the home or interacting with others in-person
  • Parent(s) who have newborns or young children and find it difficult to leave the home
  • The youngster who is about to start college away from home and has already established a therapeutic relationship with me
  • An individual who often travels for business or pleasure, and has difficulty maintaining consistency with appointments

*I am no longer a participating provider on any health insurance panels. In circumstances of unusual financial hardship, I may be willing to negotiate a fee-adjustment for office-based, video conference and telephone sessions only. Please contact me to discuss my professional fee rates.