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Anger: How and Why our Brains Take Over

When we are frustrated and angry with someone we love, we tend to act in ways and say things that we regret shortly after. It usually helps when I explain that there are very good reasons our brains short circuit when we are angry (making us short circuit), and that there are neurochemical and survival […]

Crisis Text Line: Dr. Forshee’s Experience & Recommendation

This morning I tested out a new texting crisis line called ‘Crisis Text Line’ from my personal cell phone. I am usually leery about these texting crisis lines; however, after my experience with and research into this Crisis Text Line, I encourage professionals in all arenas to provide this number to potential at-risk individuals as […]

Dr. Forshee’s Response to the Netflix Show “13 Reasons Why”

The show on Netflix titled ‘13 Reasons Why’ has caused quite a bit of controversy. This controversy is likely partly due to the unknown element associated with what it means for youngsters watching this show. Over the course of the past several weeks, I have been asked what my professional opinion is on this show. […]

Your Brain on Love

Love can feel like an addiction. Scientifically, there is evidence supporting this experience. In human brain scans, our brains light up in different locations depending on the stage of love we are in (new-love stage; madly-in love 20-years later stage, and the madly –in love but recently dumped stage). Essentially, different parts of our brain […]

“What the hell is this!?” mode

Conflict occurs in all relationships. The presence of conflict does not mean your relationship is headed for disaster. In relationships where perpetual conflict occurs; when you are chronically in “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!” mode rather than “WHAT IS THIS?” mode toward your loved one, take heed that your relationship is likely headed into muddy […]

How to Flirt to Get What You Want

Have you ever thought about how you initiate relationships? Ask yourself- what are you looking to achieve when flirting? A serious relationship or a quick hook up? The verbal and non-verbal cues you communicate while flirting, and whether your flirting signals are appreciated, will likely determine the quality of your relationships. Research published in the […]

Dr. Forshee Published by the NJ Association of Professional Mediators

Dr. Forshee was just published in the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators Spring 2017 newsletter. She provides information and advice on how divorce mediators can use specific communication techniques that pinpoint neurobiological mechanisms to help create trust. Full article below: As mediators, possessing a foundational knowledge of preventing heightened emotional states during the divorce mediation […]

What To Expect After an Affair

Once the secret of an affair is exposed, the aftermath for both partners and the overall relationship is catastrophic. Insults and harsh words are catapulted; tears pour harder than the Niagara Falls; fears, blame and shame become intermingled in the litany of pain. The confusion of hate and love seem to become one and the lack […]

Why Do People Cheat?

Did your partner cheat on you?  Have you been thinking of cheating? Before making any decisions in either situation, consider what may be going on at the root of the desire to step out. In 2012, a few psychologists were interested in learning the motivations that led those involved in extramarital relationships (men and women) […]

2 Communication Tips That Can Save Your Relationship

There are many reasons couples attend marriage counseling. In my experience as a marriage counselor, one of the foundational issues in relationship problems relates to communication. Often these difficulties have its roots in not saying what you mean, not feeling understood by the other or feeling that your partner is not listening. This breakdown of […]

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