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5 Tips on How to Choose a Marriage Counselor

In my practice, I regularly witness how anxiety provoking and unsettling it can be when couples decide to attend marriage counseling. Typically, by the time one partner decides to take the plunge and reach out to a marriage counselor, both parties fear their relationship may be nearly unrepairable. To add to your list of worries, […]

Dear Dads of Daughters

Dear Dads of Daughters: You are the first man in your daughter’s life. The positive impact you will have on her future emotional and social development and success is powerful beyond words. Fathers are not always recognized for the astounding role they play in shaping how their daughters will ultimately feel about herself and interact […]

To My Influencers, Thank You…

A few months ago I received a letter from a fifteen-year old girl. The letter began, “My name is Caroline. I’m a sophomore in high school and we are doing career research in our Writing class.” In the letter, Caroline went on to express her interest in learning more about psychotherapy and identified herself as feeling […]

New Jersey Residents: Protected From Divorce?

Did you know that if you live in New Jersey your marriage will have a statistically higher chance of lasting a lifetime than if you live in almost any other state? The most recent Census results from 2014 reflect that New Jersey has the 4th lowest divorce rate in the nation, and divorce rates in […]

Punishment -VS- Discipline

Trying to decipher the best method of teaching your child ‘right’ versus ‘wrong’ and ‘desirable’ versus ‘undesirable’ behaviors can be frustrating. Some of the verbiage that you hear and read can also be confusing. Let’s look at what the differences are between reinforcements punishments & discipline, and which may have the most positive and long-term […]

4 Parenting Styles

There have been decades of research (in the United States and across cultures) supporting the importance of parenting for the development and overall well-being of children and adolescents. Some specific components of parenting (support and control) have been shown to be particularly relevant to adolescent psychological functioning. Parental “support”, or warm and nurturing parenting, promotes […]

Parents: The Grandmaster Yodas of the Universe

Parents are the true Grandmaster Yodas of the Universe. Parents are charged with the most trying and important job of raising future generations of Grandmaster Yodas. I’m sure we can all agree that being a parent (and parenting) is important, but what makes it the most important job in the Universe beside ensuring survival of […]

3 Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

Divorcing can be one of the most emotionally exhausting and challenging experiences of your adult life- especially if you have children. If not handled with care, the conflict that arises from a divorce can inflict emotional havoc on your children that may reverberate throughout their lifetime. It is not the divorce itself that can cause […]

How to Manage a Separation or Divorce During the Holidays

The good and the bad memories flash through your mind like a slideshow; feelings of loss, anger or guilt poke at your soul like a flaming torch; you yearn for yet despise smells, sounds and touches that remind you of what once provided you comfort. The struggle to keep these feelings, memories and thoughts to […]

Relationship Crash

It’s difficult not to have expectations of others, especially from the person we are in a relationship with. There are times we are unaware of the expectations we have of our partner. Then there are times where we are fully aware of what we want from our partner and hold tightly onto those expectations. If we […]