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The convenience and security a paperless practice provides is the future of healthcare. Dr. Forshee’s practice is on the cutting-edge, utilizing the most trusted up-to-date software and hardware available. Providing you and your family with the most secure, private and convenient psychological services is of the utmost importance. To maintain the integrity of your private health information, Dr. Forshee has integrated the most secure electronic devices, HIPAA- compliant cloud syncing systems and applications available.

Scheduling an initial appointment with a mental health professional is stressful enough. With DocuSign, all the inconveniences and stressors of your initial appointment will be significantly diminished. No more taking time out of your busy schedule to arrive 20 minutes early to fill out stacks of redundant documents. You can be rest assured that you and your family’s private information will never be left in unsecured storage areas, accidentally left in locations such as a copy machine or fax, or read by anyone else other than Dr. Forshee.

All authorizations and consents will be transacted through DocuSign, the global standard for e-signatures. DocuSign allows you to complete and sign these documents anywhere, anytime, on any device. The process is easy: Dr. Forshee will electronically send you an encrypted link to the document that is requested for you to sign; you will create an e-signature using your finger on your electronic device, sign the document, and upon completion the document will be automatically sent directly to Dr. Forshee. Docusign will instantly provide you with copies of all documents that you signed.

DocuSign guarantees that these documents are complete and legally-binding. DocuSign provides multiple levels of verification and encryption to protect you and your family’s protected health information for complete privacy and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.

To maintain your private health records Dr. Forshee utilizes Box, an iCloud file storage and syncing system. All documentation that Dr. Forshee types and saves is located within the Box application. This application works seamlessly with DocuSign, ensuring that no private health information will ever be transmitted through unsecure or unencrypted means. The security of Box is unrivaled, utilizing security controls across the cloud including vulnerability management; security information and event management; data loss prevention; endpoint security and mobile security. To ensure loss-prevention, the encrypted Box iCloud storage system ensures integrity of your protected health information in the event Dr. Forshee’s I-pad becomes lost, stolen or broken.
Dr. Forshee utilizes one iPad for scheduling, payment processing, typing and retaining protected health information. At all times, Dr. Forshee is the only individual with security access to this iPad, and ultimately the only individual with access to your private information. In the event Dr. Forshee’s iPad becomes lost or stolen, the device will be electronically disabled and all its contents erased within seconds. In the event this occurs, all your records and private information will be seamlessly retrieved and automatically integrated onto an entirely new iPad due to the secure Box cloud syncing system.
Square Payment System
The Square Reader through Apple is the payment processing system that Dr. Forshee utilizes for all electronic payments. This version of Square has the capacity to receive payment through the magnetic strip on your credit card; the chip on your credit card; via your iPhone through apple pay, or through manual input without your card having to be present. All transactions made through this payment method are secure and encrypted. After each transaction, you can choose to have a receipt emailed or text messaged.
To maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations and protect transmission of private health information, Dr. Forshee utilizes Sfax, a mobile cloud faxing system for transmission of private health information. This system allows Dr. Forshee to remotely send, receive, annotate and digitally sign faxes, resulting in expedient and convenient care. Sfax meets the rigorous requirements of healthcare standard, is protected by strong encryption and has uncompromising security factors ensuring your protection.


Ensuring the convenience and security of your online video appointments is of the utmost importance. To ensure the highest standard for you and your family, Dr. Forshee has hand-picked a secure application called VSee. This application is a real-time face-to- face electronic platform for video appointments. VSee is HIPAA compliant and follows the protocol outlined by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health ACT. This means that your online video appointments are encrypted and cannot be intercepted by third parties or hackers. Additionally, your sessions are never able to be recorded and will never be stored on the cloud.

This free application is easily download onto your smart phone or computer, and you can have online video appointments with Dr. Forshee from any location you choose. This electronic platform is just as easy to use as Face Time and Skype and has the additional benefit of multiple layers of protection to ensure your privacy.

If your teenager has an appointment and does not attend the appointment, you may attend in their place. In the event your teen does not want to attend sessions at all, Dr. Forshee will not terminate therapy. In these situations, Dr. Forshee will provide you with techniques on communication and intervention strategies so you can practice alternate methods of enhancing the relationship with your teen at home. Your teen may be integrated in therapy at any time. These situations also allow you more of an opportunity to provide Dr. Forshee with additional information about your teen.

In general, there may be times when you require a longer session or a last-minute session. There may also be times where you need to communicate with Dr. Forshee outside of sessions via email or phone. Within reason, Dr. Forshee will make every effort to accommodate your needs within a reasonable timeframe.

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