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My Practice

100% Electronic Practice
Providing you with the most secure, private, reliable and convenient services is of the utmost importance. My practice utilizes the most trusted, up-to-date software, application platforms and hardware available. All electronic devices and platforms have been integrated using HIPAA-compliant cloud syncing systems. The security of a fully electronic practice assures your private information will never be left in unsecured storage areas, accidentally left in locations such as a copy machine or fax or viewed by anyone other than myself. Below you can read about the applications and platforms I have chosen to use at my practice:

All informed consents, agreements and contracts are executed through DocuSign, which is the current global standard for legally binding e-signatures. DocuSign provides multiple levels of verification and encryption to protect your private information and is also HIPAA-compliant. DocuSign allows you to complete and sign documents anywhere, anytime, on any device.

How it works: Upon scheduling an appointment, you will receive documents directly to your email from DocuSign via an encrypted link. After clicking on the link, you will be directed to create a free account and a unique e-signature using your finger on your electronic device. Once the document has been fully completed and executed, it will automatically be sent to me and you will instantly be provided with copies of all documents.

All of your private health information and records are created and maintained within Box, which is an I-cloud storage and syncing system. Box utilizes security controls across the cloud including vulnerability management, security information and event management, data loss prevention, endpoint security and mobile security. To ensure loss-prevention, Box I-cloud storage system ensures integrity of your protected health information in the event the physical electronic device used to store your information becomes lost, stolen or broken. This application works seamlessly with DocuSign, ensuring no private health information will ever be transmitted through unsecure or unencrypted means.

All faxes sent and received through my practice occurs via Sfax, a mobile cloud faxing system. Sfax is protected by strong encryption, has uncompromising security factors and is HIPAA compliant to protect the transmission of your private health information. Sfax allows me to remotely send and receive faxes, resulting in expedient response times. This application works seamlessly with Box, ensuring no private health information will ever be transmitted through unsecure or unencrypted means.
All video appointments take place on, a free and secure telemedicine platform that is encrypted, ensuring third parties and hackers cannot intercept the appointment. This application is also HIPAA compliant, guaranteeing your privacy.

How it works: All you need is a computer or device with internet connection and a webcam. Once you click on this link you will be automatically directed to my virtual waiting room.

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