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Clinical Supervision

Beginning clinical supervision towards licensure as Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the State of New Jersey is an important step in professional development. Dr. Forshee is an NASW Certified Clinical Supervisor and been providing private clinical supervision toward licensure for LAC’s and LSW’s since early 2014.

Dr. Forshee’s supervision style strongly encourages and supports the enhancement of professional development. She will assess your long term-goals as a practitioner, and mentor you through establishing your own identity as a practitioner. Dr. Forshee may encourage you to accompany or assist her at some of her workshops, business meetings, or other in-community events. She will also assist you with and encourage you to become published in your area of interest or present at symposiums and annual conferences.

Throughout the supervision experience, Dr. Forshee will take on the role of teacher, consultant and evaluator. During supervision, she will be evaluating your ability to engage with and establish rapport with a variety of clients; conceptualize and synthesize information that is provided to you and obtained; arrive at diagnosis, differentially diagnose, and explain diagnostic impressions; your ability to working collaboratively with clients in the management of their care; evaluate the effectiveness of your interventions and approaches; practice from a culturally informed and sensitive perspective; maintain a position of curiosity and entertain multiple perspectives including theoretical orientations; apply supervision and clinical consultation to practice; identify ethical and legal concerns, and apply use of research and clinical theory to inform your practice.

The format of each supervisory session will consist of oral presentations and evaluation of written evaluations (with all identifying information redacted to maintain confidentiality). Sessions may also include topics such as cultural and diversity issues and biases, counter transference, and personal challenges that arise in response to clients and/or agency issues. Dr. Forshee invite you to ask questions, explore alternatives, address ethical concerns, and receive feedback and suggestions on your therapeutic interventions. The direction of supervision is up to you, and you will take the lead during sessions.

Supervision is an interactive and collaborative process intended to monitor the quality of client care, improve clinical skills and facilitate professional and personal growth. You can expect to receive immediate feedback on your clinical interventions. You can also expect to have a safe and supportive environment. The process of supervision requires that you be open to talking about yourself, may entail discussing your family of origin and assumptions and biases that you bring to this work. This may create some discomfort for you, and will be discussed as they relate to clinical practice. Supervision is not intended to provide you with personal counseling or therapy. If personal issues or concerns arise, Dr. Forshee may recommend you to seek your own outside counseling.

Dr. Forshee’s primary theoretical orientation is Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT); however, assessment and intervention strategies are also likely to be pulled from other evidence-based and empirically supported strategies for the specific symptoms and diagnosis of the individual client. As a process of supervision, it is not expected that you will have the same exact theoretical orientation as Dr. Forshee, which is welcomed, and will set the stage for rich discussions.

“Dr. Forshee provides wonderful and intuitive feedback during supervision. She demonstrates a wide variety of knowledge and is well versed in teaching new clinicians how to conceptualize and comprehensively think about chains of events, factors that need to be addressed and how to move forward with an accurate treatment plan. Dr. Forshee is encouraging with lots of feedback and teaches you to really think about how to address an issue from a multifaceted approach. When you are in supervision with Dr. Forshee expect to learn a tremendous amount of useful information that you can take with you in your clinical work”.
“Dr. Forshee is an outstanding mentor and field instructor. She has extensive background in the mental health field, which ultimately makes her a great resource for students. She has also worked in such diverse areas of social work and psychology so her knowledge is so well rounded. Dr. Forshee was always able to point me in the right direction when it came to any questions or concerns and really taught me how to think critically about each case. She is truly an inspiring individual and has contributed so much to the mental health field. I am forever grateful to have had her as a field instructor as I learned so much in such a short period of time. I would highly recommend her to any student who wants to reach their full potential”
“I had the opportunity to work under the direct supervision of Dr. Forshee for a year and a half. This time was far too short as she was readily available to provide feedback when needed and provided numerous opportunities for professional growth. Even today, I find it hard to not reach for the phone to call Dr. Forshee when a difficult case presents itself. Dr. Forshee always brought the latest research back to clinical staff and presented the information in an engaging format. There was always something to learn and I never felt judged for asking a question. Instead, Dr. Forshee turned questions into learning experiences. Prior to working with Dr. Forshee, I found constructive criticism difficult. Now, I can’t imagine working without Dr. Forshee’s supervision. She will always be in the back of my head guiding my work with clients. I often think, “What would Dr. Forshee do?”

One of the greatest skills I learned from Dr. Forshee is how to effectively complete a chain analysis. By successfully completing the chain, I know when and how to challenge a client’s thoughts. The amount I have grown as a clinician is hard to measure, but I certainly would not be the clinician I am today without having worked under Dr. Forshee. I look forward to watching professional journals for presentations that Dr. Forshee is giving, as these presentations will be on my list for CEUs without a second thought. I cannot thank Dr. Forshee enough for the many hours she spent with me during the past year and a half and look forward to working with her on a professional basis in the future.”

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