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Crisis Text Line: Dr. Forshee’s Experience & Recommendation

This morning I tested out a new texting crisis line called ‘Crisis Text Line’ from my personal cell phone. I am usually leery about these texting crisis lines; however, after my experience with and research into this Crisis Text Line, I encourage professionals in all arenas to provide this number to potential at-risk individuals as […]

Dr. Forshee’s Response to the Netflix Show “13 Reasons Why”

The show on Netflix titled ‘13 Reasons Why’ has caused quite a bit of controversy. This controversy is likely partly due to the unknown element associated with what it means for youngsters watching this show. Over the course of the past several weeks, I have been asked what my professional opinion is on this show. […]

Punishment -VS- Discipline

Trying to decipher the best method of teaching your child ‘right’ versus ‘wrong’ and ‘desirable’ versus ‘undesirable’ behaviors can be frustrating. Some of the verbiage that you hear and read can also be confusing. Let’s look at what the differences are between reinforcements punishments & discipline, and which may have the most positive and long-term […]

How to Get Your Child To Do What You Want

You’ve tried everything to get your child to do something that you want them (or need them) to do. In fact, you’ve probably tried almost everything you can think of from enticing them with material objects, to taking away their most prized possessions. So, why have your efforts failed? Operant conditioning could be your missing […]

Your Child Notices More Than You Think

YOU TELL YOURSELF THAT YOUR CHILD…… Didn’t hear the arguing Didn’t notice you slept on the couch Doesn’t notice the lack of affection Didn’t hear you cry Didn’t notice how long you left the house Doesn’t feel the tension Is too young to know what’s happening   YOU TELL YOURSELF THAT YOU….. Argued outside of […]

Unveiling Secret Thoughts in Your Teens Mind

In my practice I have had the pleasure of treating some incredible teenagers who have suffered from Social Anxiety Disorder. Unfortunately, by the time these youngsters and their families get to my office, they are at risk of failing school due to chronic truancy, are reported to have behavioral problems, and the adults in their […]