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The Practice

Direct Access

Clients have ongoing access to me directly via email throughout the week and can count receiving a response from me directly by phone or email, within 24-business hours. It is usually the moments between appointments where real life happens, and progress is made. In these moments you can be assured I will make the time to get back to you.

More Quality Time

The typical “therapy hour” is 45 to 50 minutes in length. After years of adhering to this, I realized it just wasn’t enough. First, it takes time to get settled into the appointment, then we need time to tackle and sift through the real issues, do the intervention, and then unwind and close the appointment.

At my practice, you can feel at ease that you will always get a more comfortable and fulfilling 60-minute “therapy hour”.

Collaborative Care

To ensure the highest caliber of assessment and treatment, I invest time in collaborating with other care providers that are involved in your life, if applicable. The highest quality of care at its foundation is first ensuring I have a clear understanding of the history and treatment you and your family have already been through before landing in my office. Interviewing previous or current providers lends itself to making sure I don’t duplicate what has already been done that may not have had success and helps me to filter what alternative options I have at my disposal that may have the highest likelihood of success.


Concierge Appointment Options

To be most responsive to the needs of each client and their unique situations, I provide concierge appointment options for those who prefer or require appointments to take place at a location that is most convenient for them.

Video & Phone Appointment Options

For those who lead a busy lifestyle I offer the flexibility of video or phone appointments. Some clinical problems are unable to be safely or ethically treated via video or phone and will be discussed with you during the initial consultation.

In compliance with state licensing regulations, I am only able to provide services to those who reside in New Jersey and New York, states in which I am licensed. Video and phone options are at no additional cost.

All video appointments take place on, a free and secure telemedicine platform that is encrypted, ensuring third parties and hackers cannot intercept the appointment. This application is also HIPAA compliant, guaranteeing your privacy.

Health insurance notice:

The practice does not participate with any health insurance companies. For clinical services, Dr. Forshee will provide an itemized receipt that can be submitted to insurance, upon request of the client. It is the client’s responsibility to be informed regarding out-of-network benefits. Forensic services are not covered by insurance companies. Please contact Dr. Forshee for details related to fees.

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