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Testimonials from Clients

Please note: In accordance with Federal and State statutes and regulations, all client testimonials have been authenticated via notary and must remain anonymous.

“Dr. Forshee has a special gentleness about her. She is extremely bright and a fantastic listener. She balances her practice with both a psychological approach and a human heart. It doesn’t get better than that!”
“As the parent of a 16 year-old we are pleased with the approach Dr. Forshee has taken toward our daughter, and us as well.

From the start, Dr. Forshee asked appropriate questions and listened carefully, making it very easy to talk with her and each other. As a result, our daughter now seems more comfortable discussing her feelings and talking about things that go on at home, at school and with her friends. This then seems to lead to discussing how to solve the things that after listening, encourages our daughter that things can be worked out over time; giving her the tools to use to calm down, relax and reason out what needs to be done.

Since we have been seeing Dr. Forshee, as parents, we too are now feeling less anxious and more willing to talk with our daughter about things bothering her or us. Seeming more relaxed about talking and approaching things that make her sad or mad or just don’t make any sense, assure us that meeting and interacting with Dr. Forshee has been a very positive connection for our daughter, her physical and mental health, and her learning.

We are very grateful to Dr. Forshee for all she has done for our daughter and for us as a family.”

“Dr. Forshee is excellent and always makes you feel good and confident.”
“My second visit to Dr. Forshee was very positive, and I am happy to have found the help that Dr. Forshee is able to give me for my issues. I look forward to resuming my everyday lifestyle with her guidance and expertise in getting me back on track!”
“Dr. Forshee is very easy to talk to and very compassionate toward her patients. She creates a comfortable environment and certainly made me feel welcome. Looking forward to working with her regarding my concerns.”
“This appointment was for our daughter. She received a lot of information that put her mind at ease by the time the session was over. We went into this visit with our daughter thinking she was crazy and by the time we left she knew that this was not so abnormal and other girls are going through the same thing she is. I feel very confident in the coming weeks that our daughter will get the necessary help to make her strive. I am very grateful we found you.”
“I have seen a fair number of marriage counselors, mediators and divorce specialists to help me navigate my divorce and child custody agreement. No one holds a candle to Dr. Forshee. The balance between professionalism and heart was immediately evident. I knew we would be in good hands. I have rarely felt that way with other divorce professionals. I am grateful to know that if there are parenting or other issues that arise in the future, there is someone I trust who can help. I cannot recommend Dr. Forshee highly enough.”
“Dr. Forshee is professional, sympathetic when necessary, extremely intelligent and well-versed in her area of expertise. Over the brief period of time I have been seeing her, I have learned about myself and ways in which I cope with the daily ups and downs in my life. My sessions are a welcome combination of venting and counseling, which is not always the case with counselors I have seen in the past. I feel as if I can trust Dr. Forshee, and I know she will provide intelligent and well-thought out guidance that gives me a sense she cares about her patients and help them get better. I have sometimes had a hard time opening up to people, and was even unwilling to attend therapy in the beginning; however, I now look forward to my appointments and the services Dr. Forshee provides. I would recommend her to anyone looking to identify why they feel the way they do- I would be willing to bet Dr. Forshee can identify it, and even better-she can help you through it”
“I never thought that I would see a therapist. I was always conscious of the stigma surrounding it; justified or not. Despite this, I decided to pursue therapy. My skepticism was still there, but slowly dissipated after speaking with Dr. Forshee on the phone and at our first session. She gave off an unobtrusive vibe that made chatting feel natural and easy. I immediately felt comfortable with her and was surprised that I could speak freely without judgement. She has presented me with questions that have been challenging. Dr. Forshee pushes you to dig deep and seek a truth within yourself. Most poignantly, she makes you feel safe to find that truth, even if it is ugly because together, you will address it. She has impeccable tact in working in scientific reasoning for some of my problems. It has been immensely helpful to realize that some of my actions and feelings are based in psychology. The combination of her down to earth personality, encouragement to answer difficult questions and wealth of knowledge in her field make her an incredible therapist.”
“My son has been battling with severe anxiety for the past two years and my husband and I had taken him to see three different psychologists for help and advice. It was always a battle getting him to go to his scheduled appointments. He would constantly complain and say that no one is able to help him. We kept trying to find someone new to see, in hopes that he would feel like he could connect with the doctor. It wasn’t until he met with Dr Forshee that he began to left his guard down and was willing to get better. She has given him many tools to help him cope with his anxieties. She is the first doctor to actually make a difference. My sons says she really listens and tries to understand him, and she does it without judgement. Dr Forshee is very professional and is wonderful wot work with. My family and I are so grateful for her help. Our family has been in tremendous turmoil and with her aid, we were able to repair our relationships with one another. She helped save the health of our family.”
“Dr. Forshee was recommended to me by a friend of mine. I was going through a very difficult time in my personal life- more specifically, my relationship. I have been dealing with what I thought was depression and anxiety for about 10 years as well as multiple failed, manipulative relationships. I tried therapy in the past, but it really was not helpful for me. I was skeptical to try again. As soon as I spoke with Danielle on the phone,I felt a lot more at ease. My first appointment with Danielle she told me that she did not think I had depression or anxiety. This was the first person in 10 years to tell me this. Most psychiatrists and therapists diagnosed me with these two things and just treated me with medications. Band-aids. Danielle has helped to get to the root of a lot of issues. She helped me open up more and respect myself. She has taught me so much in such a short period of time. I thoroughly enjoy our sessions and look forward to them. Danielle once told me that I will not need therapy forever. This was bittersweet because I truly enjoy speaking with her. She is always available to run things by. I highly recommend Dr. Forshee, she is amazing!”
“I began to see Danielle Forshee several months ago. When I first started I had to be coaxed by her to answer questions. I did not offer any thoughts or comments without her asking a direct question. I also had an extremely hard time showing any emotion. As had been my practice my entire life. I deny any emotions or feelings. Recently, I had a breakthrough moment. I was able to acknowledge my feelings even though it was hard to do so. Danielle’s patient yet persistent personality helped me to do this. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and knows when to push and when to give space. I have worked with therapists before, but none have been able to help me break through my walls. I would highly recommend Danielle Forshee to anyone seeking a therapist. Even though we haven’t worked together long, I am optimistic about my future. Thank you Danielle for giving me hope.”
“Amazing experience, thank you. Dr. Danielle Forshee was empathetic, warm, kind, helpful and encouraging. Highly recommended”.
“Dr. Forshee has provided a safe environment that has allowed me to grow as an individual. I automatically felt comfortable when going into her office. Her individualized approach has helped me to identify patterns of behavior and challenge myself to make positive life changes. I can not thank you enough!”
“Always a learning experience. Dr. Forshee is very down to earth and easy to talk to. Definitely a plus for children”
“I was fortunate enough to begin working with Danielle when I was in college, and was able to continue a therapeutic relationship with Danielle following our initial work together. I sought help for a variety of issues that many people may find themselves struggling with at some point in their lives. I was quickly able to feel comfortable sharing my life with Danielle, which is a rare thing for me, and was eventually able to be honest with myself about the reality of the issues that I was struggling against. It is difficult for me to express the significant, positive changes that Danielle has helped to facilitate in my life because they are changes that I would never have allowed myself to experience prior to working with her. Like many people, I can be stubborn and I enjoy wearing blinders while trying to navigate my way through life’s challenges. I used the blinders, and many other unhealthy techniques, because it was easier than facing the discomfort of painful feelings that come with putting myself first and making the necessary changes to finally seek happiness. One of the numerous ways Danielle has helped me was to make reducing the use of those blinders a comfortable task, in my own time, and as my own choice to do so. Counseling with Danielle is on your terms, facing issues on your time, making changes you want to make, seeking whatever it is you want to seek in life, without limits, without labels, and with the least amount of judgement that I have ever been privileged enough to experience. I find myself now saying ‘yes’ to the things that I can finally admit I deserve and I am more comfortable, as Danielle would say, “riding the wave” when life challenges me”.
“Dr. Forshee is professional and empathetic. Most importantly, she can schedule appointments after work hours and remotely. To have such a skilled therapist available to fit a demanding work schedule has been a God-send”

Testimonials from Workshops

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to experience a presentation by Dr. Forshee. Her de-escalation presentation was well researched, clearly understood, organized, and educational. Her use of coordinated graphics enhanced the presentation and made it more understandable. Dr. Forshee is energetic and enthusiastic. I would recommend her as a speaker in her fields of study without a doubt.”


“Dr. Forshee’s dedication and service level is second to none. Recently she made a presentation to a local business community group (Navesink Business Group) in Red Bank, New Jersey to which I belong.

Her presentation was captivating. After her presentation to the group, collectively, they inquired about the possibility of Dr. Forshee providing a series of talks on a variety of topics. She was engaging and commanded the attention of all in attendance. In fact, one member of the business group who happens to be a speaking coach asked if I knew of any future talks that Dr. Forshee was speaking so that he could attend and learn from her presentation skills. That is perhaps the “Ultimate Compliment “that a speaker can receive. In summary, Dr. Forshee is a gifted presenter and I would highly recommend her professionally or to any professional groups in need of a speaker”

Mortgage Banker

“Your ability to pull together research and practice with such laser sharp focus, modeled for me the blend of science and artistry in application of psychotherapy that I strive for in practice. It’s obvious that you are a master clinician and teacher! Moving forward, I will look forward to attending other workshops you are instructing”

School Counselor

“One of the best trainings I’ve had in years”

Clinical Program Director

Testimonials from Peers and Industry Professionals

“Dr. Danielle Forshee is a consummate mental health professional to whom other mental health professionals go to for advice and consultation. Prospective consumers of mental health services would do well to consider Dr. Forshee first and foremost as their mental health care provider”.

-John Viterito, LPC
Diplomate in REBT & Logotherapy

“I am privileged to write a testimonial about my esteemed colleague and consultant, Danielle Forshee. I can attest to her compassion, dedication, and professionalism. As a colleague of Dr. Forshee, I have seen her keenly advocate for, support, and become passionate about her client’s treatment. As a consultant of Dr. Forshee, I have known her to uphold ethical standards and maintain her competence in her field of practice. Her authenticity and kindness is unmeasurable”.

-Dr. Amy Mouanoutoua, Ph.D

“After working directly with Dr. Forshee dealing with numerous challenging cases, I know that she is the type of clinician all mental health providers should aspire to be”.

– Dr. Arnold Williams, M.D Psychiatrist

“I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Forshee for several years, and she has consistently demonstrated excellent clinical skills including diagnostics, interviewing, and treatment planning. Dr. Forshee has vast experience with many populations, and always maintains an air of professionalism. She conducts herself with honesty, compassion, and integrity, while delivering excellent care to clients”

– Courtney Wuss, RN, MS, MSN, FNP-BC

“I have worked with Dr. Forshee for over four years in a multitude of settings, ranging from crisis intervention to outpatient therapy for both adults and children. She is an intelligent individual, able to quickly build patient rapport, and has excellent clinical acumen. Therefore, I recommend her services to patients without any reservations”.

– Dr. Felix A. Geller, M.D Psychiatrist

From Clinical Supervision Students

“You may know the fear and apprehension one faces as an LSW preparing for the quest of contracting with a clinical supervisor. It is difficult to rationalize and factor the cost, time, trust, and understanding of how another professional could assist you with your therapeutic skills.

I have been in the social work field for 15 years now with 12 at my current employment. I entered supervision with Dr. Danielle Forshee a little over six months ago with the utmost confidence in my practice. I found out that I fell into a pattern of chasing solutions and over assisting my clients in their treatment. I was in the practice of burning out on a daily basis. Prior to contracting with Dr. Forshee I did not know that her supervision would be life and practice altering.

You may have experienced the spinning stagnant feeling of being stuck, and how often we remain that way with the perception that is part of our practice. Dr. Forshee has assisted me in foraging through this feeling of being stuck professionally. She opened a world up outside of what is dictated to us by our work institution, our past professors, by the stagnant consortium of who we choose to network with.

Dr. Forshee has encouraged me to find myself professionally. Outside of assisting me with difficult cases she has grounded this understanding of how essential it is for clinicians to have a strong theoretical background. Just a small part of what Dr. Forshee has offered that guided me through implementing new interventions with my clients, learning the worth of networking, and how to leave behind dogmatic thinking.

If you have ever experienced the pleasure of witnessing the passion behind Dr. Forshee’s presentations, you would fully understand how she has sparked the desire and passion to expand my professional learning. I have the utmost confidence that contracting with Dr. Forshee for my clinical supervision will set my clinical skills apart from others in my field”.

LCSW Candidate

“I had the opportunity to work under the direct supervision of Dr. Forshee for a year and a half. This time was far too short as she was readily available to provide feedback when needed and provided numerous opportunities for professional growth. Even today, I find it hard to not reach for the phone to call Dr. Forshee when a difficult case presents itself. Dr. Forshee always brought the latest research back to clinical staff and presented the information in an engaging format. There was always something to learn and I never felt judged for asking a question. Instead, Dr. Forshee turned questions into learning experiences. Prior to working with Dr. Forshee, I found constructive criticism difficult. Now, I can’t imagine working without Dr. Forshee’s supervision. She will always be in the back of my head guiding my work with clients. I often think, “What would Dr. Forshee do?”

“One of the greatest skills I learned from Dr. Forshee is how to effectively complete a chain analysis. By successfully completing the chain, I know when and how to challenge a client’s thoughts. The amount I have grown as a clinician is hard to measure, but I certainly would not be the clinician I am today without having worked under Dr. Forshee. I look forward to watching professional journals for presentations that Dr. Forshee is giving, as these presentations will be on my list for CEUs without a second thought. I cannot thank Dr. Forshee enough for the many hours she spent with me during the past year and a half and look forward to working with her on a professional basis in the future”.

Crisis clinician

“Dr. Forshee provides wonderful and intuitive feedback during supervision. She demonstrates a wide variety of knowledge and is well versed in teaching new clinicians how to conceptualize and comprehensively think about chains of events, factors that need to be addressed and how to move forward with an accurate treatment plan. Dr. Forshee is encouraging with lots of feedback and teaches you to really think about how to address an issue from a multifaceted approach. When you are in supervision with Dr. Forshee expect to learn a tremendous amount of useful information that you can take with you in your clinical work”.

Masters Student, Monmouth University

“Dr. Forshee is an outstanding mentor and field instructor. She has extensive background in the mental health field, which ultimately makes her a great resource for students. She has also worked in such diverse areas of social work and psychology so her knowledge is so well rounded. Dr. Forshee was always able to point me in the right direction when it came to any questions or concerns and really taught me how to think critically about each case. She is truly an inspiring individual and has contributed so much to the mental health field. I am forever grateful to have had her as a field instructor as I learned so much in such a short period of time. I would highly recommend her to any student who wants to reach their full potential during their master’s level internship”.

Masters Student, Stockton University