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Family Therapy, Individual Therapy, Divorce Counseling,
Marriage Counseling & Court-Involved Services

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I am a licensed psychologist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of high-conflict family problems, high-risk behaviors, and psychological disorders within and outside of the family court system. Having specialized practice and training in this niche area since the opening of my company in 2016, numerous attorneys and Judges throughout Ocean, Monmouth and Middlesex counties routinely recommend my services in the most complex of cases.For all forensic and clinical matters, best practice guidelines and standards in the field are followed to ensure each family receives the highest level of care.

Recognizing the dynamic needs of high-risk cases, I keep relevant on the research as well as continuing education to ensure competence in my areas of practice.With all services offered at my practice, you can be assured you are receiving the highest caliber of assessment and treatment. Being able to promptly target the issues and provide evidence-based solutions for families, couples and individuals in a sensitive, concrete manner is what you can expect.


Personalized service begins with the initial phone consultation. Once an inquiry is made by way of email or phone, Dr. Forshee will personally return your inquiry within 24 business hours. The purpose of the initial consultation is to provide potential clients with an opportunity to learn how your presenting problem may be approached, the potential structure of appointments, and allow an opportunity to ask questions and determine if my practice is the right fit for you and your family.

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