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Family Therapy, Individual Therapy, Divorce Counseling,
Marriage Counseling & Court-Involved Services

Serving Ocean and Monmouth County, New Jersey and New York

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As a Doctor of Psychology and Licensed Clinical Social Worker my goal is to provide high quality services to those experiencing dissatisfaction in life and relationships. While offering traditional office-based appointments, additional appointment options are also available by video and phone, as well as off-site.

With all services offered at my practice, you can be assured you are receiving the highest caliber of assessment and treatment. Education, certifications, post-doctoral training, over 15 years of experience and positive testimonials reflect expertise in the field. Having been endorsed by numerous Judges and attorneys throughout Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties to provide expert recommendations, credibility in the highly specialized area of court-involved matters is established. Recognizing the dynamic needs of every situation, I keep relevant on research as well as continuing education to ensure competence in my areas of practice.

Being able to promptly target the issues and provide evidence-based solutions for families, couples and individuals in a sensitive, concrete manner is what you can expect from me. Having a down-to-earth personality, you can also anticipate feeling heard and understood about issues that matter most to you. Viewing problems objectively, I am always careful to not make assumptions. This type of dedication and combination of traits results in delivering solutions that empower, increase life and relationship satisfaction, and improve lives.


Areas of Expertise

High-conflict matters including the treatment of high-risk behaviors, psychiatric disorders and high-conflict family and relationship problems within and outside of the family and criminal court systems.

Personalized service begins with the initial phone consultation. Once an inquiry is made by way of email or phone, I will personally return your inquiry that same business day. The purpose of the initial consultation is to provide potential clients with an opportunity to learn how your presenting problem may be approached, the potential structure of appointments, and allow an opportunity to ask any questions you may have while simultaneously experiencing my personality. This process offers an opportunity to determine if I am the right fit for you.

Should you decide to move forward with scheduling an appointment, you have the option of scheduling your appointment by way of email or phone; whichever is most convenient for you. Upon scheduling an appointment, electronic consents will be submitted to your email for completion via Docusign, a legally binding and secure e-signature application.
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