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Supervised Visitation

Supervised Visitation NJ

Supervised Visitation

Simply put, supervised visitation describes any contact between a parent and child(ren) overseen by a third party. It is also a term for contact between a noncustodial parent and one or more children in the presence of a third person, in which the only focus is the safety and protection of the child or children and the adult participants.

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

Therapeutic supervised visitation differs slightly in that there is a licensed mental health professional trained to provide supervised visitation. The therapist or clinician will be involved in providing a supportive and structured parent-child interaction. This might include but is not limited to a focus on positive parenting education and skill building, the parent-child attachment and bond, and behavioral management and coping skills and strategies. One primary goal of therapeutic supervised visitation is for the child to benefit as much as possible from contact with the noncustodial parent. The therapist or clinician can assist the child in re-establishing relationships that are safe and healthy for the child.