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Anger is a normal human emotion-it is how we express our anger that matters. The premise of anger management is to learn more constructive and meaningful ways of expressing and communicating this emotion.

Dr. Forshee’s supervision style strongly encourages and supports the enhancement of professional development. She will assess your long term-goals as a practitioner, and mentor you through establishing your own identity as a practitioner.

For those couples who have children and are considering divorce, or are actively engaged in a divorce, parenting-time and/or custody consultation services may be beneficial. How you inform your children that you will be getting a divorce…

service_coparentingCO-PARENTING COUNSELING
For those couples who are already divorced or separated, and are experiencing difficulty seeing eye-to- eye when it comes to parenting styles, this service may be for you. These consultation services are 60-minutes in length, as-needed…

Divorce counseling is individual counseling with a focus on working through ambivalence and emotional distress accompanied with considering or going through a separation or divorce. In divorce counseling, only one spouse is present and active in treatment; in marriage counseling, both spouses are present in treatment.

Dr. Forshee ensures the presentation or workshop is specifically tailored to the needs of the audience by gaining a thorough history of the facility, target audience, and goals you would like to achieve. Dr. Forshee’s presentations are interactive and dynamic, and integrates real-life practice with current research and scientific facts.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) typically takes place in 60-minute sessions, once per week, and continues for approximately 12-16 sessions. Some sessions may be more or less frequent as needed. During these initial 12-16 sessions, it is imperative…

While structure of sessions and the assessment phase are the same as above, there may be a need for an additional session devoted to “contracting” prior to any interventions being started. The contracting session is essential in relationships…

The focus of reunification therapy is on ascertaining the source of estrangement between the parent and child and thereafter working with the family to build or rebuild a healthy and connected relationship with the parent…