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Anger is a normal human emotion; it is how we express our anger that matters. This does not mean suppressing anger or denying it exists. The premise of anger management is to learn constructive and meaningful ways of expressing and managing this emotion…

The collaborative divorce process is a form of alternative dispute resolution where individuals settle their differences together with the assistance of a team of collaborative professionals…

Children of divorce benefit from strong and healthy relationships with both parents and require to be shielded from their parents’ conflicts. The key to successful co-parenting and parallel parenting after separation or divorce is to keep the focus on your children…

service_coparentingCOURT INVOLVED SERVICES
I provide both Court-appointed and Court-ordered therapy at my practice. Both involve the psychotherapeutic treatment of a parent, child, couple or family undertaken as a result of being ordered by a Judge. In court-appointed matters, the Judge should specify my name in the order as the professional to provide the service; whereas in court-Ordered matters, the Judge will not designate the name of a specific professional to conduct treatment….

If you and your spouse are at a point in your marriage where you have issues that may not be able to be resolved, or if you’ve already decided to get a divorce, divorce counseling or post-divorce counseling should be considered to help you both with successfully coping with the situation…

Family therapy is a branch of psychotherapy that is meant to help initiate change and nurture development in intimate relationships between family members..

I have treated many people who have a variety of different types of anxiety including generalized anxiety disorders, social anxiety, panic disorders, phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorders…

The Gottman Method is an approach to marital and couples’ therapy that involves a thorough assessment of the relationship and integrates research-based interventions..

Reunification therapy is a process designed to improve or reestablish the relationship between a parent and child. The focus of reunification therapy is on ascertaining the sources of estrangement or alienation between a parent and child and thereafter working with the family to build or rebuild a healthy and connected relationship between the child and parent….