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Dr. Forshee


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Choosing a mental health professional can be an extremely difficult decision, particularly during times of distress. It is important to feel comfortable with the education and experience of the professional with whom you may be sharing the most intimate details of your life.

I am a Doctor of Psychology and a Licensed Clinical Social worker in both New Jersey and New York. For 13 years prior to opening my practice, I worked full-time in both fields while concurrently pursuing my degrees, licenses and certifications. As a result, my practice bridges the gap between academia and the real world, blending scholarly research with practical application to solve complex problems. To be an effective practitioner, life and real-world experience is equally as important as education. When combined, this produces a strong foundation for professional excellence and increased likelihood of successful outcomes for my clients.

My practice specializes in high-conflict matters including the treatment of high-risk behaviors, psychiatric disorders and high-conflict family problems within and outside of the family and criminal court systems. Having experience and involvement with the court systems, I am comfortable with the intersection of mental health and the law. Recognizing the dynamic needs of high-risk cases, I keep relevant on the research as well as continuing education to ensure competence in my areas of practice.

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