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Dr. Forshee


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Choosing a mental health practitioner can be an extremely difficult decision, especially during times of conflict. It is important that you feel comfortable with the education and experience of the professional whom you will be sharing the most intimate details of your life.

I am a Doctor of Psychology and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in both New Jersey and New York. For more than a decade, I have worked full-time in the fields of clinical psychology and social work while concurrently pursuing my degrees, licenses and certifications. My practice bridges the gap between academia and the real world, blending scholarly research with practical application to solve complex problems. I am a firm believer that to be an effective practitioner, experience is as equally important as education. When combined, this creates a strong foundation for professional excellence and client success.

I am in solo-practice specializing in high-conflict situations such as those experiencing relational and marital problems; the treatment of non-suicidal self-injury; suicidal behavior; anger management, anxiety, and those involved in court-ordered reunification therapy. I am also a New Jersey Professional Divorce Mediator, am Collaboratively Trained, and provide custody, co-parenting and parenting-time consultation services for those involved in alternative dispute resolution. My practice provides the option of office-based and video-conferencing appointments, or concierge, where services are provided at your preferred location.

In addition to my practice, I am a contracted provider for Rutgers University, the Clinical Consultant for the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, and on the Editorial Board for the American Psychotherapy Association. I am also a Certified Clinical Supervisor, providing private clinical supervision to clinicians for hours toward state licensure and create trainings and provide seminars around the state of New Jersey for various professionals on topics of risk and suicide assessment, the assessment and management of aggressive behavior, communication in relationships, and other clinical disorders.

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Each practitioner has a different approach to therapy that defines how sessions are structured and how problems are understood and treated. A blend of over a decade of experience and extensive schooling has led to a specialization in Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) for adolescents (13+) and adults. This treatment can take the form of individual therapy, couples/marital therapy, unilateral couples/marital therapy, or family therapy.

The foundational theory of IPT is that psychiatric, behavioral and emotional problems typically occur in a social and interpersonal context—the relational factors that predispose, precipitate and perpetuate distress. Interpersonal relationships are the focus of therapeutic attention as the means to bring about change, with the aim of helping to improve interpersonal relationships or change expectations about them. The treatment also aims to assist in improving social support networks so that current interpersonal distress can be managed. Treatment with IPT focuses on four main problem areas; grief, interpersonal (or role) disputes, role transitions, and/or interpersonal sensitivity. The goals of sessions are to provide symptom relief and improve interpersonal functioning.

IPT is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association and American Psychological Association and has been found to be effective in treating depression and anxiety. It has also been adapted for the treatment of other psychiatric disorders. While IPT may be an effective treatment, there is no guarantee that you or your situation will benefit from this treatment approach to the extent that you may expect. Psychotherapy requires an active effort on your part. To be most successful, it is important to work on things we discussed in between sessions. This helps bridge the gap between the work done in session, and actively making changes in your life. It has been my experience that most are pleased with this approach and my style.

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