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Collaborative Divorce Services

Parenting-time and custody consultations will provide parents with the education and confidence necessary to independently facilitate your child through transition. Dr. Forshee does not provide personal opinions during her consultations, as personal opinions in such matters are irrelevant. Instead, Dr. Forshee focuses on information gathering with parents through using Socratic questioning and gathering objective information; targeting your child’s developmental stage and basing methods of planning using this as a foundation, and brainstorming with parents about their child’s interests and personalities to integrate into a developmentally appropriate and tailored plan. Dr. Forshee considers herself a facilitator and educator during these consultations, while considering parents the experts on their children.

Parenting-time and custody consultations are typically a total of 1-5 sessions, 60-minutes in duration and at a frequency that is relevant to your family’s situation.

What types of situations would benefit from this service?

  • You are considering separation or divorce and are interested in learning how to best inform your child based upon their unique personality and targeted to your child’s stage of development.
  • You are pre-or post-separation and are interested in learning the different types of parenting-time set-ups that are both unique to your circumstances and targeted to your child’s stage of development.
  • You are already separated and have a parenting-time plan and/or custody arrangement in place; however, the needs of your children and your family dynamics or roles have shifted.
  • These services are available and appropriate to use pre, post, or during any of the following: separation, divorce, collaborative divorce and divorce mediation.

While some practitioners find it imperative to meet with children during this process, Dr. Forshee avoids this procedure as much as possible. Through her experience, Dr. Forshee has found that she is able to effectively obtain objective information regarding children’s behaviors, attachment, and communication styles within the family dynamic through only meeting with the parents.

During appointments 1-3, Dr. Forshee will elicit information pertaining to your family’s structure, a chronological timeline of the relationship, roles in the family, belief systems and expectations of each parent. You as parents know your child best; therefore, Dr. Forshee will look to you as being the expert on your child. You can expect Dr. Forshee to use socratic questioning to gather information about your child’s relationship with each parent, their personality, interests and reactions to the change in family dynamic.

During and in-between appointments 2- , Dr. Forshee will conduct research on your child’s specific cognitive, social and emotional developmental stage and highlight relevant information pertaining specifically to your child and situation. She will then create a typed handout targeting your child’s current stages of development and provide a copy to each parent. During these sessions, Dr. Forshee will be an active participant with both parents in brainstorming unique traits of your children and applying it to where they fall on the cognitive and emotional stage of development they are in.

Dr. Forshee is flexible and understands some situations may be more imminent than others. She is more than happy to provide 120 minute sessions rather than 60-minute sessions in these instances, or meet more frequently than once a week in the beginning of the process.

Helping parents create their own unique parenting and custody plans rather than Dr. Forshee taking control is the goal. This is the most effective method of bolstering parents’ confidence and application of education and skills in their relationship with each other and their children. Facilitating parents in creating their own plan builds the foundation for effective co-parenting.