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Reunification Therapy

Reunification therapy is a process designed to improve or reestablish the relationship between a parent and child. The focus of reunification therapy is on ascertaining the sources of estrangement or alienation between a parent and child and thereafter working with the family to build or rebuild a healthy and connected relationship between the child and parent.

Tailored Interventions Based in Research

Cases of parent-child contact problems are complex and multidetermined; therefore, a child may resist or reject a parent to varying degrees and for many reasons or combination of reasons. Having formalized training on interventions for children’s alignment and resistance, I am trained assess, conceptualize and intervene from a research-oriented and objective approach using a systems-based, multifactor model that provides guidance to explain why some children resist contact or reject one parent and remain aligned with the other. Several interacting factors typically create a “perfect storm” for a continuum of parent-child contact problems.

Reunification Protocol

  1. Review of Relevant Documentation (Assessment Phase Part I): I require to review any and all documents that are deemed relevant to my role and responsibilities. These include, but are not limited to, any judicial orders (or consent orders) that have been signed in connection with this case and that are relevant to the issues in dispute, any final judgment of divorce that may have been entered in this case, custody/ parenting time evaluations that may have been completed by an expert, pleadings relevant to the my role, and any written post-judgment parenting plans that may be in effect, and any other documents or information deemed relevant or necessary.
  2. Clinical Interviews & Collateral (Assessment Phase Part II): Individual interviews are required to occur with both parents and all children in the family; including children who are not resisting contact or estranged. Interviews with the children are conducted without the parents present. If applicable, I may also require interviewing any spouses, significant others, or other individuals deemed necessary. As a part of the assessment phase, I require to obtain information from certain collateral sources (e.g., custody evaluator, previous or current therapist for parents and children, etc).
  3. Intervention Phase: Upon completion of the assessment phase, my conceptualization of the interacting factors resulting in refuse-resist dynamics will be provided to attorneys and the court, as well as a proposed plan of action for reunification therapy tailored specifically for your family’s unique situation.

Process of Retaining Dr. Forshee, Psy.D, LCSW

I only accept court-appointed and court-ordered reunification cases. Prior to appointing me in an order, please have your attorney contact my office to schedule a brief consultation call to provide preliminary information regarding your matter. Next steps will be provided to your attorney. As a business practice, I do not accept matters where one or both parties are pro-se.