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Anger Management

Anger is a normal human emotion-it is how we express our anger that matters. The premise of anger management is to learn more constructive and meaningful ways of expressing and communicating this emotion. This does not mean suppressing anger or denying that it exists, nor does it mean relentlessly smashing an object with a whiffle-ball bat in a practitioner’s office.

What you can expect to get out of anger-management appointments:

  • You will learn the physiological and neurobiological mechanisms of anger and how this affects the expression of your anger.
  • Dr. Forshee will help facilitate a concrete plan with you to assist in preventing a negatively-perceived expression of anger by others, and/or, or a more socially-appropriate expression of anger.
  • Dr. Forshee will conduct regular communication analysis to learn the communication and conflict-resolution strategies you employ that may be contributing to the manner you express anger.
  • You will become more insightful as to how your personal belief systems, family history, environmental triggers and underlying vulnerabilities play in the management and expression of anger.

Procedural details:

  1. Dr. Forshee requires that she conducts one in-person interview with an individual (potentially be more than one individual) who has observed the expression of your anger, and who knows you well. The purpose of this is to ensure Dr. Forshee has a clear understanding what the behavioral observations of anger has been. Dr. Forshee is primarily interested in soliciting specific information pertaining to duration, intensity, severity, and frequency of the expression of anger episodes.
  2. Dr. Forshee will conduct an in-depth oral examination to rule out contributing factors.
  3. If necessary, Dr. Forshee may administer psychological assessment(s) to assist in any other potential contributing factors to the expression of anger.
  4. If this service is court-ordered, Dr. Forshee requires that she obtains a copy of the court order via release of information
  5. If this service is recommended to you by your attorney and not court ordered, Dr. Forshee requires she has contact with your attorney via a release of information
  6. If you are seeking this service because of an alleged domestic violence incident, or any interface with the civil or criminal justice system, Dr. Forshee requires releases to be signed so she can obtain all court orders, restraining orders, domestic violence complaints or police reports.
  7. If this service is being provided to a minor, Dr. Forshee requires that she has contact with the school via a release of information. The purpose of this is two-fold. First, to obtain behavioral observations of how anger has been manifested in school, and to be informed of any changes in educational, social or emotional functioning. Second, if school counselors are involved, to provide them with any assessment or treatment recommendations learned with Dr. Forshee to ensure continuity or care and consistency across domains.
  8. All work Dr. Forshee conducts outside of the 60-minute session will be charged against your retainer and at Dr. Forshee’s fee

Anger management sessions are 60-minutes in length. Amount of sessions and frequency will be determined within the first two appointments.