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Co-Parenting Counseling

Co-parenting counseling provides parents with education on parenting-styles and the developmental stages of your child that may assist in healthy and effective co-parenting. Dr. Forshee does not provide personal opinions during her consultations, as personal opinions in such matters are irrelevant. Instead, Dr. Forshee focuses on information gathering with parents using Socratic questioning to elicit objective information on behaviors; obtaining a communication analysis; targeting your child’s developmental stage and basing methods of planning using this as a foundation and providing and applying research on parenting styles to your specific situation. Dr. Forshee considers herself a facilitator and educator during these consultations, while considering parents the experts on their children.

A minimum of 3-5 appointments are required for co-parenting consultations, and on an as-needed basis thereafter. The initial appointment is typically 1.5-2 hours, and consists of meeting with both parents together. Appointments thereafter are typically 60-minutes in length and at a frequency that is relevant to your family’s situation.

While some practitioners find it imperative to meet with children during this process, Dr. Forshee avoids this procedure as much as possible. Through her experience, Dr. Forshee has found that she is able to effectively obtain objective information regarding children’s behaviors, attachment, and communication styles within the family dynamic through meeting with the parents and speaking to their respective individual treatment providers, if applicable.

During appointments 1-3, Dr. Forshee will elicit information pertaining to your family’s structure, a chronological timeline of the family transition, roles in the family, belief systems, expectations of each parent and current parenting styles employed by each parent. You can expect Dr. Forshee to use Socratic questioning to gather information about your child’s relationship with each parent, their personality, interests and reactions to the change in family dynamic and transitions, and information on attachment and communication.

Throughout all sessions, Dr. Forshee will be an active participant with both parents in facilitating conversation on how to implement strategic change in individual and co-parenting styles based on the current developmental stages of your child. The goal is to provide information and education, thus empowering parents that they are well-armed and able to confidently and effectively co-parent.