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Can Space Save a Relationship?

When you fall madly in love the relationship often starts out with spending every waking moment together. Sometimes this leads to a genuinely close relationship which is always a beautiful thing. But if you become overly dependent on each other, it ends up creating tension or putting too much pressure on the relationship. Eventually, it’ll come to a point when one person feels like they need some space.

What Is Space in A Relationship?

Space when you’re in a relationship basically means having some time away from your partner for personal growth, clarity, and just simply some alone time or time with friends. This personal space gives you the opportunity to put yourself first and do things just for you that help you feel good about who you are.

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This is important when couples spend too much time together, as it often causes partners to start losing their independence. This will help ensure you both have better mindsets to be in the relationship together.

Why Space Is Good for A Relationship

Relationships without enough space often become a toxic environment full of arguments and other disagreements. Having some space to breathe can reignite the passion and bring back that excitement of wanting to spend more time with each other. Plus, you’ll both have time to work on yourselves so you can come back together even stronger than before. So, the truth is, spending a little bit of time apart is actually perfectly normal and healthy in a relationship. Space lets you recharge and create balance which can ultimately help save a struggling relationship.

How Much Space is Enough?

Acknowledging you both need some space shouldn’t mean not talking to each other for weeks or trying a long-distance relationship. That being said, how much space you need and how it will work usually varies between couples. The most important thing about having some space in your relationship is that you both agree or are able to find a compromise. The trick is to make sure you find the right balance, so you don’t drift apart.

Just Focus on Yourself

Your partner might feel like your whole world, but you need to remember yourself too. And being fearful of losing someone is completely normal, so always be open with each other about your feelings. If you’re not dealing well with the whole idea of space apart, some professional counseling can help. Otherwise, you should use this time alone to refocus on making yourself happy like reconnecting with old friends or starting a new hobby. Focusing on becoming a better you and loving yourself is the best way to genuinely giving each other the space that your relationship needs.

Final Thoughts

In the end, having some time away from each other doesn’t mean the relationship is over. In fact, allowing each other to have your own space in a relationship isn’t a bad thing at all. We all need a little space sometimes. Even two people who are in love with each other.