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The Importance or ‘Rituals of Connection’ In A Relationship

Forming good habits are a crucial to a pathway of success in all realms of everyday life. Good habits assist with our productivity and health, and when utilized in a relationship, these habits are known as Rituals of connection.

A ritual of connection is something you and your partner can do together regularly to improve your relationship. Couples who have relationships that are rich in both rituals and traditions are always able to create a shared meaning in their togetherness to shape their lives in a positive way.

Here are a few examples of Rituals of connection that can strengthen your bond:

Rituals of Conversation

You should spend at least half an hour each evening discussing how your day went. This gives you both an opportunity to discuss any external stresses. Couples who take the time to actively listen, share their feelings and show compassion towards each other will have a stronger emotional connection.

Rituals of Meals

For as many meals as possible, you should enjoy eating together with the TV off and your phones on silent. At least 1 or 2 meals per week would be a nice start, but you should aim for at least 1 meal per day. Couples who take the time to break bread together will find that themselves feeling closer than those who don’t.

Rituals of Exercise

Take the time to exercise together once a week, whether before work, after work, or every Saturday or Sunday morning. Some couples have found that having a new and exciting hobby they can do together such as indoor rock-climbing in winter or surfing in the summer has brought them closer together.

Rituals of Kissing

Enjoying a 6 second kiss together once every day will increase both your emotional and your physical intimacy, as it releases the bonding hormone called oxytocin. Additionally, holding hands, touching, hugging, making out, and having sex are all excellent methods of bonding as well as reducing your levels of stress.

Rituals of Holidays

Annual vacations alone together, without children, family or mutual friends is the best way to ensure that you remember who you are to each other. Remove the weekly stresses of life so that you can remind each other who you both fell in love with. If your budget it tight and there’s no wiggle room for a holiday away, look into something close to home, or even a weekend camping trip. Just ensure that you both agree on the destination as well as the timing. The less extra stress, the better your vacation together will be.

Never underestimate how powerful intentional time spent with your partner can be. Rituals of connection like these will help you reconnect and ignite your passion any time that life gets in the way.

Rituals of connection remind us who we used to be together, honor who we are today, and help to reflect on how far we have come as couple. So, step into a DeLorean with your partner and travel 88mph to a place where the candlelight still glows, where you remember the way you used to love each other, so you can see how much you have grown together.