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Tips For Spicing Up Long-Term Relationships

The start of any relationship is exciting. You’re still getting to know each other; you are passionate and excited to be in each other’s presence. There’s nothing wrong with settling into a comfortable relationship, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up every once in a while. You probably still feel intensely for your partner, it’s just that life… tends to get in the way once you feel comfortable with each other. However, we have some tips for you if you’d like to spice up your long-term relationship!

Date Night

Once upon a time, you went on dates with each other all the time. That doesn’t need to stop, whether you’ve been dating for one year or married for 10. So, make a plan to go to your favorite dinner spot, head for a couple’s massage or play miniature golf. This is an opportunity for you to rekindle some of those feelings you had when you first got together. These are also prime flirting opportunities. Who knows where it could go from there…

Intimacy and novel experiences

It can be difficult to maintain a healthy level of intimacy when life creeps in. It’s much easier to do when you feel as though you’re on fire for each other. You can reintroduce that, though. There are a number of ways you may choose to do this-the tip is to introduce novel experiences into the mix. These are things you don’t normally do often, or even at all. It might be that you invest in some fancy oils and exchange massages. Or, you might pretend to meet each other on a blind date or happen into each other at a bar. Perhaps purchasing some lingerie or new outfits to dress up; joining the mile-high club, taking a road trip to destinations unknown, engaging in a new activity, etc. It’s up to you to indulge intimacy as you see fit, it’s just important that you make time for it. If you have to schedule it… do it, it might sound terrible, but it will be worth it. It’s all about reigniting the spark you felt in the early stages of your relationship. You’ve still got it; you just need to draw it out.

A change of scenery

Whether it’s a vacation or a trip to a nearby hotel, sometimes you just need to get out of the house and change the scenery. It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s all about going somewhere else with each other. It’s important to just be with each other, who knows where this love story will take you.

Be Present & Appreciate Them

Put your gadgets away and sit down with your partner for a bit of alone time. It’s easier to connect with someone when you aren’t surrounded by distractions. Take this opportunity to let your partner know just how much you appreciate them. Nothing is spicier than hearing your partner say they love you and listing the reasons why.