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5 Tips on How Not to Care What Other People Think

There’s so much negativity in the world and considering we’ve all had a rough start to 2020, the last thing we need is someone judging us or bringing us down.

The following are five tips on how you can stop caring so much what other people think, and start caring more about what you think:

  1. Know Your Values

Your values are what’s most important in all aspects of your life. Values are what you really care about – how you truly feel about the way you live your life and work. Your values will determine what you do each day, and what you don’t do.

Carefree happy woman on swing on beautiful paradises beach
When you know your values, you can base your life on that. There are five core values in life: knowing what’s right or wrong, treating others the way you want to be treated, being responsible, good sportsmanship and leadership. Knowing your own values can help you make better decisions, take more positive action and focus on the life you want to live (not the life other people want you to live or suggest you live).

  1. Mind Your Business

If you want to take more care of yourself, stop worrying so much about what other people are doing – and stop worrying about things in life you can’t change. Who cares what your neighbor gets up to on weekends? Why does it matter that your co-worker arrived to work 10 minutes late this morning? And why do you care that the uncle of your friend doesn’t like you? Keep to your own business and you won’t care so much about what others are doing and thinking.

  1. Take Ownership of Your Feelings

Imagine you’re standing in a room talking to a group of people, and someone comes up to the group and addresses everyone except you. They don’t even acknowledge you. You have two choices. You can shrug it off – who cares, anyway? Or you can mull over it and wonder why they don’t like you and feel terrible about yourself and “the way they made you feel”. The thing is, they didn’t make you feel that way, you did. And if you don’t want to feel that way, you need to take ownership of your feelings and move on.

  1. Know You’re Doing the Best You Can

People are quick to judge. It’s the way life goes. We’ve been taught judgement and self-judgement – and honestly, it’s hard to see which one is worse. But once you realize you’re doing the best you can, you’ll feel better about yourself and stop worrying so much about what other people think. So, your kid goes to school with packets of chips and biscuits because you haven’t had the time to get to the shops this week. So what? You’re doing the best you can!

  1. Remove Negativity from Your Life

This is imperative. If someone isn’t making your life better, easier, happier – why do you keep them close to you? You don’t need keep people close to you that bring you down. You don’t need to have people that are toxic and you don’t need drama. Place up healthy boundaries so they are on your outer circle, rather than your inner circle. Spend much less time exposing yourself to them in every way, while sticking to the people who make you feel good. Those who are supportive of what you do and those who pass no judgement. If you face constant criticism on social media, stay off it. If your family or in-laws always make you feel terrible, limit the time you spend at family gatherings. It’s much easier to just to have healthy boundaries for yourself.

When it comes to opinions, stop worrying about what other people think of you – and simply focus your energy on the things that make YOU happy.