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Category: Anger Management

Angry woman shouting looking at camera

Tips for Controlling Your Anger Before it Controls You

Anger outbursts or aggressive behavior, for example, can be interpreted as the amygdala taking over the prefrontal cortex. Anger Management Techniques Cognitive-behavioral interventions are effective for improving anger management according to research. These interventions entail altering your thinking and behavior. They are predicated on the idea that your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all linked.…

Portrait of a stressed woman holding head in hands

Why Anger Isn’t A Bad Emotion

You are responding to someone’s perceived misdeeds You get irritated because of things outside control, like the traffic, the weather, pain or someone just being plain annoying Memories of traumatic experiences and events become rooted Inherited tendencies, underlying medical conditions and brain chemistry can also increase the expression of anger You can also have unique…