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How to Talk to your Children about School Shootings

1. Prepare and Take care of Yourself: Parents of youngsters who have been directly or indirectly exposed to a school shooting feel a great amount of distress for the safety of their children. Studies have found that men tend to be particularly worried about their spouses, feel a sense of responsibility for their loved ones […]

Las Vegas Shooting: Talking to Your Kids & Managing Social Media

In less than 24-hours after what has been identified to be one of the largest-scale shootings in United States history, details and images of the tragedy in Las Vegas have consumed the media. These details, images and sounds have also likely consumed the screens of your children’s electronic devices. The attempt to find a delicate […]

Dear Dads of Daughters

Dear Dads of Daughters: You are the first man in your daughter’s life. The positive impact you will have on her future emotional and social development and success is powerful beyond words. Fathers are not always recognized for the astounding role they play in shaping how their daughters will ultimately feel about herself and interact […]

Punishment -VS- Discipline

Trying to decipher the best method of teaching your child ‘right’ versus ‘wrong’ and ‘desirable’ versus ‘undesirable’ behaviors can be frustrating. Some of the verbiage that you hear and read can also be confusing. Let’s look at what the differences are between reinforcements punishments & discipline, and which may have the most positive and long-term […]

Your Child Notices More Than You Think

YOU TELL YOURSELF THAT YOUR CHILD…… Didn’t hear the arguing Didn’t notice you slept on the couch Doesn’t notice the lack of affection Didn’t hear you cry Didn’t notice how long you left the house Doesn’t feel the tension Is too young to know what’s happening   YOU TELL YOURSELF THAT YOU….. Argued outside of […]