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Elite Daily – The Difference Between Confidence & Arrogance Is In Body Language, According To Science

Dr. Danielle Forshee, Psy.D., spoke with Elite Daily about the differences between being confident and being arrogant.

Here’s the thing: Just like how your tone of voice can be telling of how you feel, psychologist Dr. Danielle Forshee, Psy.D., tells Elite Daily that, when you think you’re above someone else, or know better than they do, you’re likely going to communicate that, whether you consciously realize it or not, “through overtly saying it, dismissing people,” and, yes, even “in your body language,” she says. This means that, yes, your body might be doing just as much (if not even more) talking than you are, so it’s worth taking a moment to check in with yourself, and how you present yourself to others, to ensure you aren’t giving off the wrong vibe.

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