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Importance Of Taking ‘Girls’ Trips With Best Friends

It’s time to pack your bags and set your email to out of office – it’s time to take a girl’s trip with your best friends. I know, you’re already imagining the look on your boss’ face when you ask for the leave you earned. Your partner may put up a fight, roll their eyes, and if you have kids, you can be sure there will be a guilt trip or two. The good news is you can put your foot down and tell them you’re doing it for the good of your health.

Science Supports You

Yes, my friends, you have science on your side. What science tells us is that the occasional trip with friends is good for your health. You love your family, you might even kind of enjoy your job, but that doesn’t mean that you’re immune to stress. Sure, you manage the occasional escape with your family, but it doesn’t feel like a break, especially when you spend it running after the kids. The only real break you’ll get is one with adults, preferably the girls. Yes, according to the experts at Harvard, people who don’t have a lot of strong friendships and relationships are more likely to suffer from depression. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to you – that friendships are important. The issue is, as you get older and your responsibilities increase, how do you maintain those friendships?

There really is only one way – a mini-break. In a perfect world, you would simply shoot a text to a friend and you’d both be free on the exact same afternoon to grab a bite to eat. The reality is that it will take much more planning for everyone involved to clear their schedules. That’s why the girl’s trip is the perfect plan. You can plan ahead so that everyone can clear their schedule, and forget all of your stresses as you indulge in a bit of bonding.

The Ties That Bind

A trip away is especially handy if you and your friend group have moved away from each other as often happens. This is an opportunity for everyone to get together and just relax and enjoy each other. It’s also difficult to find appropriate activities when some friends are married with children and others aren’t. A trip with your best friends means that you can just focus on each other, and no one needs to get stressed out with everything else going on around them.

Friends Matter

The relationships that you have as an adult are a great predictor for how strong, healthy, and happy the relationships with your family will be. So, taking a break with your friends is actually an excellent way to improve the relationships with your partner, children, parents, and siblings. Amazing! As with any relationship, your friendships need a time investment, too. Yet, they are the ones who are often left by the wayside when life takes over. So, what are you waiting for? Why not explore a wine tasting trip locally for the weekend, go to Las Vegas, check out the big Apple or head to South Padre Island for fun in the sun.