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Redtri – How to Avoid Family Awkwardness & Arguments at the Holidays

Dr. Danielle Forshee, Psy.D., contributed a piece on Red Tricycle about how to avoid awkwardness and arguments at the holidays.

Thanksgiving might be in the rear-view mirror, and perhaps you survived one awkward dinner conversation this year—but the holidays have just gotten started. And in today’s political climate, gathering with your family can cause more drama than not. While it is common for families to have disagreements over opinions there are many steps you can take to avoid negative energy this holiday season.

With political tension at an all-time high, many are bracing themselves for some family feud at the holiday dinner table. To avoid speaking about politics is difficult, but it can be done. For starters, any time there are children around, you want to take necessary precautions to prevent any arguments from occurring.

With that said, we know that kids are quite adept at picking up on awkwardness and tension, despite what the content of the conversation may be about. It’s important to recognize that awkwardness, tension or conflict may occur at the holiday dinner table, and it’s not a bad thing for kids to see this or feel the tension. What is most important during these situations is how you manage the tension or conflict. The children will notice how the debacle is handled and it’s important for them to learn through observation.

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