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What Is Pre-Marital Counseling? Is It Necessary?

If you are headed into a marriage and are slightly uncertain about how things are going to be when you are married, there are a few things you can do to prepare to ensure your marriage is a happy one. If you have not been married before, there are usually a lot of questions raised about how you will work as a partnership once you tie the knot. One of the best ways to have any of your questions answered is through pre-marital counseling.

Why Pre-Marital Counseling?

You may consider pre-marital counseling if you are uncertain in any way that the transition into marriage will run anything other than smoothly. In every relationship there are ups and downs, and when you head into a life-long commitment you need to be able to communicate successfully with each other to ensure the likelihood you will both happy forever. Pre-marital counseling will help to build a strong marriage and a happy life together, which is why you are marrying the person you love in the first place. 

Planning and Preparation

Going into a marriage requires planning and preparation, and without it, things may not go as planned. Pre-marital counseling offers advice and teaches you how to effectively communicate with each other to make sure everything turns out the way you would prefer it turn out. Pre-marital counseling is kind of like booking a honeymoon through a professional travel agent rather than just doing it all yourself. Although there are many things you can do yourself, someone who has trained will be able to help with the difficult things that you don’t necessarily already know about your destination, and what you should not be searching for random advice online.

What Will Your Pre-Marriage Counsellor Do?

The role of the pre-marital counselor is essentially to encourage direct and open communication giving both of you the opportunity to speak. They will make observations about your current communication processes and offer suggestions to improve your methods. A pre-marital counselor will also help you to reach amicable agreements about any challenging issues which may already be affecting your relationship, and any that may affect your marriage’s success.

Pre-marital counseling is an excellent place to air any differing views about how your marriage and lifestyle should be once married. It’s also a great opportunity to review communication techniques before getting married. 

Opening Communication Channels

Although each pre-marital counseling session will have its differences, generally the idea is to be able to open channels of communication and sort out differences in a logical way before the marriage begins. These methods will ensure proper communication exists before the marriage begins and will form a stronger emotional bond between partners.