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Elite Daily – If You’re Scared To Settle Down, Your Feelings Are Completely Normal, An Expert Says

Dr. Danielle Forshee, Psy.D., explains to Elite Daily readers what it means if you’re scared to settle down in your relationship.

She says if you have “difficulty initiating or following through with a discussion pertaining to future plans or fantasies with your partner,” you could be scared of settling down.

“When we are confident that we have found the person that we want to settle down with, it is a natural instinct to be excited and fantasize about future plans together such as going away on vacations, living together, having a family together, etc,” Forshee explains.

If you are dating someone and struggling telling other people in your life about it, that could indicate that you’re scared of commitment, says Forshee. “When we feel confident and secure in a relationship with our partner, we want people important to us to know about them,” she says. “Not only do we want them to know about our partner but, we also feel proud to give them the label of boyfriend or girlfriend.”

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