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Psychological Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Spring is en route and that means you can put away your winter clothes and prepare for summer. While you’re at it, you may want to think about doing some spring cleaning. As it turns out, there are more benefits than just a clean home. In fact, as it happens, spring cleaning comes with a host of psychological benefits. While you can always rely on the improvement in weather to boost your mood, you can now use your feather duster to help you out, too.

Improved Productivity

If you are disorganized, it can affect your stress levels, hamper your productivity, and that can affect your mental health. Just by getting yourself organized, you can enjoy a vast improvement in your life and wellness. Often, we don’t realize just how the clutter around us is negatively impacting the way we live our lives. This stands for your home, your work station, and even your vehicle.

Improved Mood

Regular house cleaning is a habit that everyone should build. What is clear is that people who describe their home life as stressful often have a clutter problem, as well as unfinished projects. Additionally, they are more likely to struggle with depressed moods during their day. This causes additional fatigue, which just causes that mood to dip even lower.

If this sounds familiar and you’re thinking about how messy your home is, and how stressed it makes you just thinking about it – what are you going to do? You should start with a spring clean, and while you’re at it, come up with a system to ensure you maintain your nice, clean home once it’s complete.

Increased Activity

This is a two-fold benefit. The more you clean, the more exercise you get. So, you can enjoy the health benefits of increased activity, and enjoy the boost in your mood because of that. It’s nice to know that tackling ironing and vacuuming can help you burn calories, and it’s equally nice to remember just how beneficial exercise can be to your mental health.

Improved Sleep & Health

There’s nothing better for your productivity and health than a good night’s sleep. Well, sleeping in a tidy, uncluttered room is an excellent way to make sure you do. According to a survey from the National Sleep Foundation, 75% of people sleep better when they have clean sheets. Another interesting tidbit from the survey is that people who always make their bed enjoy more consistent sleep, too.

Spring cleaning is also an excellent excuse to get down to the nitty-gritty. When was the last time you pulled larger appliances out to clean behind them? Or, even checked to see how many crumbs had collected in your tray. Did you know your washing machine can get moldy? There are lots of appliances that you use every day but aren’t on your normal cleaning schedule. So, spring cleaning is an excellent time to tackle them, which is going to help you get rid of all the germs hiding throughout your home and making you ill.