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Reasons To Love Being Single

You know, there are plenty of health benefits for people in happy relationships and when we discuss that we often forget that single people can be happy, too. Yes, many people choose to be single and their ability to be happy on their own makes them a more productive member of society, and well, happier, too. Whether it’s by choice, or it’s something you’ve been pushed into, here are a plethora of reasons to love being single.

Pursuing Passions

Often, we allow relationships to take our lives over and forget about our own interests. Being single means pursuing your passion! Couples tend to work toward joint goals and development, whereas singletons are more likely to pursue personal development, meaning… the sky is the limit.

Meaningful Work

While coupled people pursue a paycheck, the higher the better, single people are more likely to pursue a career that they truly care about. They don’t need to worry about supporting a family, pulling their weight in a relationship or climbing the corporate ladder. The ability to choose a meaningful career path that might not pay as much as a huge paycheck in an uninspiring job is unique to the singles.


Not every person wants to take a romantic plus one to every family party or event. Being single means meeting up with friends when you want to, socializing in groups, pursuing activities that you truly enjoy or… not accepting social invitations that aren’t of interest. There is far more opportunity in the life of a singleton which is just one of the reasons single people are happy.


Everyone enjoys having complete control over their lives and that is something that single people experience far more than married people do. When you’re single you can make life-altering decisions without fear of upsetting your relationship or needing to discuss it with someone else who can veto your wishes and desires. This doesn’t mean that single people aren’t willing or interested in seeking advice or hearing feedback from family and friends, it simply means they enjoy the ability to make the final decision on the small things and equally, the major things in life.

Interestingly, single people experience fewer negative emotions the more self-sufficient they are, while married people who value self-sufficiency highly go through more negative emotions because they don’t have that.


Why else should you be happy in your single status? There is nothing quite like quiet time to read a book, enjoy a coffee, to kick back and relax. While some people dread the idea of spending time on their own, when people are comfortable in their singleness they begin to appreciate the person they are and are happy spending time with themselves. It’s a great time to get to know yourself and revel in your happiness.

When you take time to get to know yourself you become a better person, happier and more open. For single people who do eventually wish to be coupled, this makes you a more attractive prospect. For people who are happy being single – things can only get better.