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How to resolve these 6 common fights you’ll have with your best friend

Dr Forshee informs Hello Giggles readers how to resolve 6 fights with your best friend

In general, it’s wonderful to see a friend find love. But if we have major reservations about his or her partner, that certainly puts a damper on the happiness. And, let’s be honest — it’s hurtful when a friend goes AWOL and cancels plans in order to spend every waking hour with their partner.

“The least intrusive way to approach this very sensitive situation is to come from a place of inquiry and understanding,” Forshee said. “The way you go about this is to ask open ended questions to your friend about her thoughts and feelings and experiences in this relationship.”

As Forshee noted, open ended questions start with phrases like “why,” “what,” “describe,” “how,” and “tell me.”

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