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7 Little Changes you can make in your life to help you feel happier every day

According to Dr. Danielle Forshee, LLC, research indicates that negative thinking can actually decrease the amount of serotonin (a neurotransmitter associated with happiness) produced by the brain. She tells Elite Daily, When we engage in positive thinking by reframing and challenging our thoughts, we are increasing the chances that we will experience [a] positive mood. […]

7 Mental Health Myths Debunked

According to Dr. Danielle Forshee, LLC, the issue with anger is not that we feel it, but how we express it. In the article 7 Mental Health Myths Debunked By Experts Who Are Helping Us Defeat The Stigma, she tells Elite Daily, The truth is that anger is a very healthy, normal human emotion that […]

Hope Is A Powerful Thing – Dr. Forshee Contributes to Life & Style

Dr. Forshee lends her comments to Life & Style weekly about Shakira and her boyfriend’s alleged breakup, and what they should do to make it easier on their two children. Relationship expert Dr. Danielle Forshee — a doctor of psychology and licensed clinical social worker who specializes in high-conflict situations such as relationship and marital […]

Mental Health Tips as Presented on Eat This, Not That!

Did you know mental health is something you can actually increase? Here are the top practical strategies to ensuring mental health and how to see/notice potential warning signs. Eat This, Not That! published 45 Doctors’ Own Mental Health Tips asserting that nurturing your mental health is just as important, if not more so, as your […]

Life & Style Weekly features Dr. Forshee’s comments regarding Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s whirlwind romance

Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Could Put Her Relationship with Travis Scott in Danger (EXCLUSIVE) “Regrettably, most empirical research shows that most couples experience a decrease in positive interaction, increase in conflict, and a small to moderate decline in relationship satisfaction after the birth of their first child,” said Dr. Danielle Forshee, a doctor of psychology and […]

Unspoken Communication in Relationships: How to Break Patterns

Connie Whitman welcomes Dr. Danielle Forshee as a guest on her internet talk radio show Architect of Change to discuss para and nonverbal communication in relationships. “Communicating; the ability to express an idea or ideas to another person may be our greatest gifts; unfortunately, we often take it for granted with the people that we […]

Dr. Forshee Published by the NJ Association of Professional Mediators

Dr. Forshee was just published in the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators Spring 2017 newsletter. She provides information and advice on how divorce mediators can use specific communication techniques that pinpoint neurobiological mechanisms to help create trust. Full article below: As mediators, possessing a foundational knowledge of preventing heightened emotional states during the divorce mediation […]

Dr. Forshee responds to the Russian news channel, NTV, as they inquire about the recent pandemic of pro-suicide social media groups

Are Russian internet communities responsible for wave of child suicides? For several days recently, Russian media outlets, one after another, ran sensational investigative reports about social network communities that allegedly push children to suicide. RBTH explains what we know so far about the activities of these groups. On May 16 the liberal Russian newspaper Novaya […]

State survey finds high rate of kids at risk of self-harm

Dr. Danielle Forshee was interviewed and quoted in the following article for her expert opinion on the subject of teens, mental health and self harm. Original post by Alisha Kirby One in every five students in grades nine and 11 seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year, according to the results of the […]

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