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How to Talk to your Children about School Shootings

1. Prepare and Take care of Yourself: Parents of youngsters who have been directly or indirectly exposed to a school shooting feel a great amount of distress for the safety of their children. Studies have found that men tend to be particularly worried about their spouses, feel a sense of responsibility for their loved ones […]

Anger: How and Why our Brains Take Over

When we are frustrated and angry with someone we love, we tend to act in ways and say things that we regret shortly after. It usually helps when I explain that there are very good reasons our brains short circuit when we are angry (making us short circuit), and that there are neurochemical and survival […]

Dr. Forshee’s Response to the Netflix Show “13 Reasons Why”

The show on Netflix titled ‘13 Reasons Why’ has caused quite a bit of controversy. This controversy is likely partly due to the unknown element associated with what it means for youngsters watching this show. Over the course of the past several weeks, I have been asked what my professional opinion is on this show. […]

Punishment -VS- Discipline

Trying to decipher the best method of teaching your child ‘right’ versus ‘wrong’ and ‘desirable’ versus ‘undesirable’ behaviors can be frustrating. Some of the verbiage that you hear and read can also be confusing. Let’s look at what the differences are between reinforcements punishments & discipline, and which may have the most positive and long-term […]

Divorcing? 4 Tips on How to Tell Your Children

Author: Danielle Forshee, Psy.D ,LCSW So, you’ve decided you’re getting a divorce. Now for the hardest decision of all- informing your children. Many parents avoid telling their children that they are getting a divorce, and find themselves debating over what and how to tell them.Avoiding this topic with your children altogether is a short-term way of managing […]