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Unspoken Communication in Relationships: How to Break Patterns

Connie Whitman welcomes Dr. Danielle Forshee as a guest on her internet talk radio show Architect of Change to discuss para and nonverbal communication in relationships. “Communicating; the ability to express an idea or ideas to another person may be our greatest gifts; unfortunately, we often take it for granted with the people that we […]

Children’s Reactions to Divorce: What They Need From You

When two parents decide to separate or divorce, the prospect of sitting down with the children and explaining what’s going to happen is always nerve-wracking. Often times, parents transfer their own emotions and anxieties onto the children, making the situation more stressful than it could otherwise be. That’s why it’s important to step back, take […]

Separated Parents Raising Children

When couples go through a separation or divorce, children are often the most challenging part of the process — and for good reason. Although the family dynamic is going through a definitive change, you’re still both parents. You want this change to be as positive and uplifting as possible for your kids. At the same […]

Your Brain on Love

Love can feel like an addiction. Scientifically, there is evidence supporting this experience. In human brain scans, our brains light up in different locations depending on the stage of love we are in (new-love stage; madly-in love 20-years later stage, and the madly –in love but recently dumped stage). Essentially, different parts of our brain […]

The Chemistry of Touch

Want to know how to use touch to help facilitate attachment and love? In your first session with Dr. Danielle Forshee on her You Tube Channel, you will get tips on how to do this— and learn the science behind it. To see more videos by Dr. Danielle Forshee, please head over to our YouTube […]

“What the hell is this!?” mode

Conflict occurs in all relationships. The presence of conflict does not mean your relationship is headed for disaster. In relationships where perpetual conflict occurs; when you are chronically in “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!” mode rather than “WHAT IS THIS?” mode toward your loved one, take heed that your relationship is likely headed into muddy […]

How to Flirt to Get What You Want

Have you ever thought about how you initiate relationships? Ask yourself- what are you looking to achieve when flirting? A serious relationship or a quick hook up? The verbal and non-verbal cues you communicate while flirting, and whether your flirting signals are appreciated, will likely determine the quality of your relationships. Research published in the […]

What To Expect After an Affair

Once the secret of an affair is exposed, the aftermath for both partners and the overall relationship is catastrophic. Insults and harsh words are catapulted; tears pour harder than the Niagara Falls; fears, blame and shame become intermingled in the litany of pain. The confusion of hate and love seem to become one and the lack […]

Why Do People Cheat?

Did your partner cheat on you?  Have you been thinking of cheating? Before making any decisions in either situation, consider what may be going on at the root of the desire to step out. In 2012, a few psychologists were interested in learning the motivations that led those involved in extramarital relationships (men and women) […]

Three Communication Tips You Need to Know

Author: Danielle Forshee, Psy.D, LCSW Do people tell you that you ‘nag,’ or have an ‘attitude’? Do you find yourself repeating the same thing to your spouse, children, or other family members- and they don’t seem to listen? Or, have you been told that you don’t listen? If this describes you, or someone you love, […]