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Social Media Behaviors And Relationships

Did you know that experts have linked social media with anxiety, envy, depression, a decrease in social skills, and loneliness? It’s true. Perhaps the larger question is why? It doesn’t take long to put together a picture of why is true. For the most part, when people share information on social media it’s to celebrate. […]

Importance Of Taking Time Out For You In A Relationship

When you are in a new relationship, you want to spend every waking minute with the person you are falling in love with. However one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not making it routine to spend time by yourself. In relationships there is always going to be the need to spend time […]

How Getting Enough Sleep Could Save Your Marriage

Do you get enough sleep? If not, what is it that keeps you awake? Did you know that sleep deprivation can affect your mental health and it can also affect your relationships? Sleep helps you by processing the day’s memories and emotions, allowing you to wake up with a fresh mind and a fresh new […]

Your Brain on Love

Love can feel like an addiction. Scientifically, there is evidence supporting this experience. In human brain scans, our brains light up in different locations depending on the stage of love we are in (new-love stage; madly-in love 20-years later stage, and the madly –in love but recently dumped stage). Essentially, different parts of our brain […]

“What the hell is this!?” mode

Conflict occurs in all relationships. The presence of conflict does not mean your relationship is headed for disaster. In relationships where perpetual conflict occurs; when you are chronically in “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!” mode rather than “WHAT IS THIS?” mode toward your loved one, take heed that your relationship is likely headed into muddy […]

How to Flirt to Get What You Want

Have you ever thought about how you initiate relationships? Ask yourself- what are you looking to achieve when flirting? A serious relationship or a quick hook up? The verbal and non-verbal cues you communicate while flirting, and whether your flirting signals are appreciated, will likely determine the quality of your relationships. Research published in the […]

What To Expect After an Affair

Once the secret of an affair is exposed, the aftermath for both partners and the overall relationship is catastrophic. Insults and harsh words are catapulted; tears pour harder than the Niagara Falls; fears, blame and shame become intermingled in the litany of pain. The confusion of hate and love seem to become one and the lack […]

“In Love” Euphoria

At the peak of being in love, it is euphoric and addictive. We yearn for their touch… the sound of their voice. Time stops when they are not within reach – we feel lovesick. Eventually our “in-love” euphoria diminishes. What happened to us? The average life span of “in-love” euphoria lasts 2 years. This is […]

How to Manage a Separation or Divorce During the Holidays

The good and the bad memories flash through your mind like a slideshow; feelings of loss, anger or guilt poke at your soul like a flaming torch; you yearn for yet despise smells, sounds and touches that remind you of what once provided you comfort. The struggle to keep these feelings, memories and thoughts to […]

Relationship Crash

It’s difficult not to have expectations of others, especially from the person we are in a relationship with. There are times we are unaware of the expectations we have of our partner. Then there are times where we are fully aware of what we want from our partner and hold tightly onto those expectations. If we […]